4D lottery is one of the simplest/oldest game that allow player to choose any 4 digits numbers from 0000 to 9999.
A total of 23 sets of number will be drawn and prize will be won if the 4D numbers pick up by the player that matched the winning numbers.

According to wikipedia, it was originated from Kedah in before Malaya independent.

The 4-D game is believed to have originated in Kedah in 1951, based on evidence during a gambling trial in a Singapore court in 1956.
A schoolboy decided to raffle his bicycle for 100 $1 tickets, each bearing two digits. The winner would be the one whose ticket number matched the last two digits of the first prize ticket in a Malaysian Turf Club sweepstake. This led to the 2-D lottery, which in turn gave rise to 3-D and later, 4-D, betting games which were wildly popular in Singapore and Malaysia from the 1950s.
- wikipedia

Prize structures
Usually are founded under first prize, second prize, third prize, special price and consolation prize.

Price of prize (as 2024)
4D prize structures are based on RM 1.00 bet :

Prize Numbers Big Small
1st Prize 1 RM 2,500 RM 3,500
2nd Prize 1 RM 1,000 RM 2,000
3rd Prize 1 RM 500 RM 1,000
Special Prizes 10 RM 180 -
Consolation Prizes 10 RM 60 -